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Theatre Royal

A spectral woman, "The Grey Lady" has been seen here, sometimes carrying a candle and sometimes from the seat on the balcony where she fell to her death. She is said to be a patron of the theatre in the 19th century who became besotted with an actor and they eventually became lovers. The affair was frowned upon and they agreed to elope after his final performance but he ultimately confessed that he was already married. On his last night on stage, she went up to the Gods and threw herself off. Her ghost has been seen as a faint figure carrying a candle. There is another phantom here; a man in Victorian garb including a black top hat who even acknowledges staff by name. Weeping and deep sighing have also been heard in the theatre too.

Update 7/9/21: Bethany, a worker at the theatre informs me, "Unfortunately we have no recent details for you. We have spoken with our Chief Executive to see if any information has been passed over to him in recent years but sadly nothing."

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