The Maltings

"Shadowy figures" in the peripheral vision (people have said that they thought someone had followed them into the men's toilets) and "inexplicable noises" (such as the sound of a lot of people running upstairs and a rumbling of metal like a train's wheels) have been experienced here - these reports include footsteps that followed a staff member when she went down to the back door, and the sound of someone pacing up and down accompanied by the sight of someone out of the corner of the eye. When the member of staff went to attend to them, there was nobody there. Other incidents include a bar pump badge flying off the shelf, and a menu which levitated before dropping to the floor.

Update 17/2/22: I emailed the pub and asked if anything had happened since the latest newspaper article (2019): "Other than glasses falling off tables without being touched and figures of a person in the corner of your eye, no."

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