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Tynemouth Lodge Hotel

The ghosts of two Georgian children have been seen in the upper living quarters; they are seen "happily running" and then followed by an older woman in Georgian clothing, wearing a bonnet. The scene is played out in silence.

Update: 24/1/22 The proprietor responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "I have worked in the pub for 22 years and have several experiences in that time. Doors opening without any reason, glasses smashing while no one was near them and lights flickering. The pub is also has a 'cold seat' where people complain of a chill even in the height of summer. The tenant in the flat upstairs claims to have seen a woman chasing a child. I myself was locking up one night and trying all the doors to make sure they were secure. The side door to the pub was open and I saw an old lady standing there, I immediately shut the door. Seconds later I thought I’d better see if she was ok and couldn't find her anywhere. Some possible explanations are the pub being directly adjacent to the , still standing correction house, a fellow called William Mould, who according to an an old newspaper article, expired mysteriously when he entered the pub or an old landlady of the pub murdered by her husband John Rutherford although the crime didn’t take place on the premises." I asked him when they last occurence of these phenomena was, and he said, "Probably about 3 years ago, of course we’ve been shut for a quite a period over the last couple of years due to covid, the 'cold seat' happens frequently, particularly with people new to the pub , the regulars must be used to it." I later asked if he had descriptions of the ghosts; "The woman and child upstairs I can’t comment on, but the woman at the door was in old fashioned dress although not Victorian or Georgian, more like 1900s with hair pinned up and a long dark coat. Her face was difficult to pick out."

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