The Black and Grey Pub

The new tenants of this pub heard "loud banging downstairs", like "metal banging together, like if you'd grabbed some pots." Thinking that the intruder was getting closer, they called the police but no-one was to be found when they arrived. Examining CCTV footage afterwards, "human looking shadows" were seen tiptoeing past the bar area. Two days later, a lady invited the ghost, who they'd nicknamed "Paul" to move a pen that she had put in her hand - and almost immediately, the pen started spinning by itself. Other phenomena include a broom lurching forward and hitting an employee in the back; iPads flying off the shelves; lots of footsteps and fridge doors opening by themselves. One of the bar staff even heard her mum saying, "Hi, girls", but when she turned to look, no-one was to be seen.

Link: The Mirror

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