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Warkworth Castle

A man dressed an old soldier complete with chain mail was seen by a teacher and her pupils on one visit to this ruin, but when she followed him, he had vanished. He has been seen other times, too. In the vicinity of the castle, the sounds of horses, and steel clashing have been heard, perhaps the spectral remnant of the time the castle was besieged in 1572 or when Roundhead forces sheltered here nearly a hundred years later. A "Grey Lady" has been seen in the keep, and the sound of her dress heard swishing by on occasion, too. The spectre of Tom Sherratt (or Skerratt) is also said to walk here too, and makes "dog like howls." Tom was arrested for his part in the murder of Henry Percy, the 4th Earl of Northumberland in 1489 but when the 5th Earl eventually arrived years later for his trial, Tom had become insane and had taken to acting like a dog. Tom's life was spared but years later he came back to haunt the 6th Earl, whose family suffered a series of misfortunes. The Earl himself blamed Tom for his inability to have children. Distant voices and merriment, like a party have been heard.

Update 19/8/21: The Facebook page informs me, "Hi, there is the story of Margaret Neville who was a member of the power Neville family of Raby Castle who died at Warkworth. There have be no recent reports as far as I am aware."

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