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Culzean Castle

A piper, who it is said, disappeared exploring the caves below the castle, has been seen in the grounds, on the drive known as Piper's Brae and the Collegiate Church. It is said that he set out to prove that the caves weren't haunted and went into the tunnels, playing his pipes and accompanied by his dog. At some point he stopped playing and neither he nor his dog were seen again, but his playing is said to have been heard from time to time. His appearance is said to herald a marriage in the Kennedy clan (who owned the castle), and he plays on stormy nights. A young woman in a ball gown has also been seen, as has an indistinct, misty phantom. A servant who was badly treated is reputed to return as a "White Lady." The crackling of fire and screams have been heard, accompanied by an "uncertain figure" that goes through the house and stands on the oval staircase. This may be a reference to Commendator of Crossraguel Abbey, Allan Steward, who was captured in the 16th century during a row over lands, and was roasted on a spit. More recently, in the State Bedroom, said to be the most haunted room, a visitor reported someone had gently pushed them forward. In all, there are said to be at least seven ghosts here.

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