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Dumfries House

A malodorous ghost is said to haunt the building.

Update 28/1/22: Satinder Kaur, the Collections Manager and Tour Coordinator responded to my email regarding any recent phenomena: "I've been at Dumfries House for four years and have experienced nothing out of the ordinary or odd. I have been at the House at all hours of the day, and have never seen anything. However, other members of staff have. I have heard stories of running footsteps, and also a visual sighting of a small boy in a black flat cap at the end of one of our corridors. In the ladies toilets, one of our guides looked in the mirror and jumped when she saw a veiled lady standing behind her, but when she blinked, the lady was gone. We have a bedroom in which two residents of the House died, and that is said to be our most haunted room; I have heard a story of a voice shouting 'no', and of the curtains pulling away from the wall when the windows were not open in this room. Our onsite accommodation, the Dumfries House Lodge, also has some stories, with doors opening and closing, the bell ringing, and footsteps being heard."

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