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Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum

There are many phantoms associated with this building, including that of a piper on the battlements. Mysterious lights and footsteps, breathing and whistling, cells doors opening and closing, smoke and other phenomena have also been reported here.

Update 23/8/21: The Live Borders team responded to my email thus: "...I do know that the gentleman who looked after the building during the first lockdown had a few odd things happen while he was walking round doing his checks. He heard footsteps, doors creaking open or closed with no wind to be the cause (and the cell doors are too heavy for a breeze to move them anyway!) and something which sounded like murmuring in the distance. He often took his dog along with him because the place creeped him out so much and the dog would react to what seemed like nothing, putting his hackles up or tucking his tail under him and staring ... most people prefer not to be alone in the building for one reason or another, myself included!" At the same time, Duncan Rollo who looks after the jail buildings replied saying, "to be honest, mostly the staff don’t get much in the way of any experiences from the spirit world. I’ve heard a few voices and footsteps, but that’s it really." He did admit that there is a tendency for keys to go missing though!

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