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Dunstanburgh Castle

A knight named Sir Guy had returned from the Crusades and during a visitation to the North East, chanced upon Dunstanburgh Castle, its drawbridge open. To the accompaniment of shrieks, screams and the peel of bells, Sir Guy was commanded to enter where he came across an imprisoned lady. A voice commanded him to choose a golden horn or a sword. Sir Guy chose the horn and the vision vanished. Whether the White Lady that is sometimes seen is this encarcerated soul is unknown; some also say that Sir Guy can be seen seeking the trapped lady. Another phantom said to exist here is Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, whose head can be seen tucked under his arm following his execution; he is reputed to have been seen at the Lilburn Tower. Margaret of Anjou is another resident phantom; she lived here and retreated here after she was defeated at the Battle of Hexham in 1464. Her ghost is seen at the tower and also ascending steps that no longer exist.

Update 27/12/21: Staff at the castle responded to my Facebook query for any recent occurrences: "There have not been any odd experiences over the last few years. Like many castles, we have stories of ghosts but there have been no sightings."

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