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County Hotel

The vague form of a young woman, who was killed in a tunnel behind the dining room, has been seen and additionally, objects have been moved or disappeared, and whispering has been heard.

Update 25/2/22: Myles Langley, the General Manager replied to my email: " We have always been known for being haunted due to the age of the pub. A few staff have heard things over the years but everything here still remains a mystery. Apparently the pub is haunted by a lady and we have a picture of her on our staircase." I asked for clarification: "Staff, like myself have felt a presence in the corridors at night (especially the staff corridor near the staff room and office). a cold chill and a sort of presence. That happened about 3 years ago. During lockdown in the last 2 years, I also heard some movement in the pub at times but nothing was seen."

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