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The Banshee Labyrinth

Manifestations and strange occurrences have been said to occur here, including Molly, who throws bar stools around, "Ole Jock" in the ladies toilets (where he slams doors and turns hand driers on and off), and "The Screaming Lady". She was said to have been seen while the venue was being refurbished; a workman saw a weeping lady in an old dress and when he asked her how she got in, she let out a piercing shriek that caused the workman to flee. One version of this tale described the woman as having a white, gaunt face with empty eye sockets, and that when the workman returned home he found out that a family member had died. According to legend, this is how the establishment got its name. A shadowy male phantom, known as "Mr Boots" (aka "The Watcher") is also sometimes seen, both here and in nearby Bannerman's Bar. There are suggestions that Lord Nicol Edwards lived here during the time of King James VI and that he used the building as a base for interrogation of witches; it is not known if this has any bearing on the reported phenomena but some say that Edwards himself is also a ghost here.

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