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Kingswood Hotel

A spectral woman in a white dress has been mentioned here, and a young girl said that her bottom was being pinched (!). A "Grey Lady" is also said to have been seen on the main road and at the bus stop opposite the hotel, where she forced one driver to brake sharply and where she entered a bus before vanishing!

Update 21/1/22: Joa, the proprietor of the hotel replied to my email asking for any recent phenomena: "We do from time to time get questions regarding ghosts or spirits within the hotel. Many of these stories revolve around the 'grey lady' who was actually associated with the Kingswood bus stop close to the hotel. The legend was that she would often be seen getting on the back of the bus but when the ticket collector would go to take payment for her ticket, she would no longer be aboard... we haven't actually had any experience in the 35 years our family have owned the hotel of any spiritual activity - sorry to disappoint. I recently saw a Facebook post where someone said he had spoken with the family (meaning us) and we had said that guests had seen a lady walking the corridor but when they turned to look back at her she'd be gone. We can't recall any instances of this unfortunately, as much as that may seem quite exciting or spooky. Nevertheless if there were to be any spirits occupying the hotel, they have never shown us any harm or bother and so we leave them in peace."

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