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Royal Hotel

A benevolent "Green Lady" walks the hotel, apparently looking for her loved one who perished in a blizzard.

Update 7/2/22: Sarah, a receptionist at the hotel, informed me, "As you can imagine with the pandemic we haven’t been in use as much so not too much recently. In the past I have had reports of the TV turning itself on through the night, I have regular guests that get a funny feeling in the same room and I have regular guests that say they prefer that room as they feel a presence and know its not going to hurt them. The floors often creak even when the building is empty which can be unsettling and footsteps sometimes heard. I know in the past people had said they had seen a figure but I have not heard of any sightings recently." In later correspondence, Sarah told me that, "the TV was last officially reported to me in 2020, however some guests may not realise and assume they turned it on themselves. The creaking etc still seems to be ongoing from what I have heard." She emailed me a copy of a sheet prepared by the hotel on "The Lady in Green"; the legend is that she is a young girl from nearby Glen Lednock and, in the 1700s, dressed in a flowing green cloak and hood, she left her home to meet her loved one who was arriving by coach from Edinburgh. The light snowfall deteriorated into a blizzard and her body was found days later in a snowdrift.

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