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Inverawe House

A "Green Lady" with gold hair is said to haunt this mansion; she is said to be Mary Cameron of Callart who once lived in the building and was nursed to health in a cave when she contracted the plague; when she recovered she married her samaritan. The phantom has been reported in the Ticonderoga Room, where screams have been heard. The phantom also turned someone over in bed, and she has also been observed away from the castle, where she walked through a flock of sheep which obligingly cleared a path for her. The last sighting of her was in 2001 when part of the building was being re-roofed; one this was completed she was no longer seen. In other areas of the house, there have been footsteps, items disappearing for a time and doors opening and closing.

Update 26/11/21: In response to my Facebook request for any recent phenomena, staff at the house inform me, "There have been no recent sightings but footsteps are often heard along with doors closing."

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