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Castle Leod

A benign ghost is said to be seen in the drawing room.

Update 11/8/21 John Cromartie tells me, "We have a Night Watchman whom I heard a couple of weeks ago and who was seen at a concert we held here five years ago. There is nothing unfriendly or ‘spooky’ about him, just reassuring. He is reputed to protect the place and its inhabitants. His heavy footsteps have often been heard, most recently when I was in the kitchen below and assumed what I heard above was our handyman walking along a corridor. On checking I found all the doors locked and no one around. All this on a sunny afternoon with nothing untoward happening or any other premonition. I just take for granted that there are 'others' wandering around who once lived here or had strong relationships and that some manifestation impinges on the conscience mind."

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