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Kinnaird Castle Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

Footsteps, drops in temperature and the apparition of a fisherwoman have been claimed here. In the Wine Tower, about 50 yards away, a phantom girl named Isobel is said to appear whenever there is a storm. Legend says that Isobel's father disapproved of her relationship with a man and he was chained to a rock below the tower to teach him a lesson but he accidentally drowned. Isobel was grief stricken and threw herself to her death. In some variations, Isobel's lover was a piper and his spectral music can allegedly still be heard.

Update 3/9/21: Michael Strachan, the collections manager replied to my Facebook query for recent information. In addition to mentioning the "star crossed" lover story above, he also says, "Regarding stories of hauntings, there were certainly some stories from the keepers. In one of the cottages one keeper in the 1980s was said to have been woken in the night by a 'lady in white'. Meanwhile another family in the 1980s reported a number of strange phenomenon in their accommodation - little things which couldn't be explained including. - a bed that kept moving from its original position. - the baubles from the christmas tree being removed and collected in one corner of the room (they had no pets). - a porcelain plaque which hung on the back of the bathroom door being smashed on the opposite wall while the whole family were in the sitting room. So certainly a few strange things reported through the years."

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