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Dornoch Castle Hotel

Apparitions have been seen here, including sheep stealer Andrew McCornish (though his spectre seems to be uncommon today after an alleged exorcism in the 1920s); shaking walls and unexplained noises, like furniture being dragged have also been experienced here.

Update 12/1/22: Matthew Logie, the general manager responded to my query for any recent phenomena: "...around 3-4 unusual things happen a year." In further correspondence, he told me, "for example I was working on the bar one day when a straw jumped out of its holder and onto the floor. This was in full view of the CCTV and there was no explanation after reviewing the footage how this had happened. I also heard a girl scream from our empty private dining room one afternoon, this backs onto the main street. This was a winters day and when I went to have a look street side there was nobody to be seen. The most unusual experience was when I saw a man walk into the reception office wearing a red shirt one night as we were packing up. Thinking it was the night porter, I followed him in but there was nobody to be seen. When I eventually found the night porter, he was wearing a white shirt."

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