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Dunrobin Castle

The upper floors are supposedly haunted by Margaret, who was imprisoned by her father, the 14th Earl of Sutherland who disapproved of her relationship with the son of one of his men. Her lover tried to rescue her using a rope ladder from her prison but her father interrupted the escape and she fell to her death. Her cries and moans are still said to be heard from her makeshift prison. Another version is that a girl was forced into a betrothal to an earlier Earl but she did not love him. She was imprisoned and the Earl cut her rope which had been fashioned from bed linen when she tried to flee. The castle also has unexplained footsteps and an apparition of a man who disppears through a closed door on the landing.

Update 4/8/21: Managing Director Scott Morrison informs me, "I am afraid that there has been nothing like this happen for a number of years and the stories of ghosts at Dunrobin are very old stories."

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