Worldwide Visitors

Another little project of mine; a mapping project to show where the visitors to the various sections on this website come from; you can toggle the colour coded labels using the checkboxes below. You can also display all data or only visitors in the last 24 hours.

The individual maps that are overlayed are updated every hour - so you'll have to click reload to see the latest changes. Please note that the locations are not entirely accurate as the registered position for the ISPs may not necessarily be where you think they are; sometimes, my location is shown as London, which is 50 miles to the south of my actual position. Therefore, please use this map as an illustrative guide. It also shows robots and spiders in addition to genuine users.

The data have been collected since mid February 2016, but the aurora data (where visitors have their latitude and longitude logged to determine their magnetic latitude) has been obtained since October 2014 based on visitors to my homepage; some of the data comes from look-up tables, but for visitor's locations, there is a ±½° error due to the inherent imprecision of using a clickable map. Orange squares indicate that the theoretical value of the magnetic latitude is within 0.5° of the actual value.

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