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Ghost and paranormal/psychic pages

Presented here are a collection of some of my ghost hunting essays. Hopefully they may answer some of your questions; alas they will not clear up some of the more pressing quandaries, such as; regardless of whether ghosts are sentient or just tape recordings, why do they wear clothes? And why are there no dinosaur ghosts?

  1. A check-list of what to do and not to do on a ghost hunt
  2. Science Not Superstition What does science currently say about ghosts?
  3. The Paranormal vs. Science- how can we apply a scientific methodology to ghost research?
  4. Memoirs of a Ghost-Hunter - all my vigil/ghost-hunting exploits, including encounters with "Most Haunted Wannabees" and shady characters out to fleece the enthusiasts. Caveat Emptor!
  5. Where have all the ghosts gone? Why are there so many ghost hunting groups these days? Do they contribute to the signal, or the noise? And are people out to exploit the gullible?
  6. Orbs - The Skeptical Approach. Orbs are the greatest menace to ghost research to date; a distracting nuisance, they are pounced upon by the gullible as proof of spectral infestations. But what do the experts say?
  7. The Oatlands Park Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey; not an overnight vigil, more of an interview exercise at the request of local newspapers.
  8. The Queen's Head in Weybridge, Surrey; again, not an overnight vigil, but a data gathering session for the benefit of the local rag.
  9. A powerpoint presentation I gave to Skeptics in the Pub, and Strange Phenomena Investigations in 2005. Includes a guest apperance from the ghastly "attention seeking slapper" (thanks Mr.Birdz!), Heidi Smallwood, nee Graham.
  10. Nearly 30 years ago, the authors of "The Book Of Lists" asked some prominent psychics to foresee the future. Click here to find out how well they performed
  11. A geographical guide to alleged haunted locations in the United Kingdom.

Highly recommended is Alan Murdie's Euro Paranormal website; Alan is a council member for the Society for Psychical Research.

An excellent article on The Stone Tape Theory by Sharon A.Hill is here

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