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A collection of all my Titanic essays and research, which started in the mid 1990s and has been on-going and updated ever since...

  1. _Updated November 6th, 2014_Ismay's Escape - the chairman of the White Star Line leaves the sinking Titanic in its final moments. But did he jump or was he pushed?_Updated November 6th, 2014_
  2. _Updated December 8th, 2014_Who really found the Titanic?- was it the French-American team in 1985, or did the Royal Navy unearth the wreck in the 1970s? Or was it another team entirely?_Updated December 8th, 2014_
  3. Who watched the Titanic go down? - was it just the SS Californian, or were there others in the area, unknown to this day?
  4. The Olympic-Titanic switch - fact or fallacy?
  5. The Titanic and the Californian part 1
  6. The Titanic and the Californian part 2 - my attempt at a possible solution
  7. An essay that I wrote on the mystery of times, rockets, the first lifeboat launching and the lies of Senan Molony.
  8. _Updated March 9th, 2015_A collection of ice warnings, and reports of wreckage and bodies from 1912._Updated March 9th, 2015_
  9. The Titanic, The White Star Line and The Bank of England.
  10. What did Herbert Stone of the Californian see?
  11. Some unknown aspects of Captain Lord's life...
  12. The SS Birma's PV resurfaces at last
  13. The BBC interview with Titanic Survivors from 1956.
  14. _Updated October 4th, 2014_What happened to the Titanic's crow's nest? Please be patient while the javascript loads the images._Updated October 4th, 2014_
  15. _Updated February 10th, 2015_A complete record of wireless messages, and the timing of the first wirless and last Marconi messages, and Titanic's final plunge_Updated February 10th, 2015_
  16. _Updated February 19th, 2015_An analysis of some of the vessels sharing the North Atlantic at the time of the disaster_Updated February 19th, 2015_
  17. The antics of Daniel Allen Butler
  18. _Updated December 8th, 2014_Below Decks - while passengers and crew were preparing for the evacuation, what was going on inside the ship?_Updated December 8th, 2014_
  19. _Updated November 17th, 2014_"Iceberg, Dead Ahead Sir!" - what did the lookouts actually see?_Updated November 17th, 2014_
  20. _Updated November 30th, 2014_The Britannic - the third in the Olympic class of vessels. Was she really to have originally been called the Gigantic?_Updated November 30th, 2014_
  21. _Updated March 13th, 2015_The Sinking of the Titanic - what happened, and what did people see? This needs Java to run._Updated March 13th, 2015_
  22. Is the wreck really disintegrating or is this a ploy to justify salvage?
  23. What happened to the THS plaque?
  24. _Updated March 20th, 2015_An essay describing the survivor's experience of the actual collision itself: this is graphics intensive and works best on a desktop or laptop computer with Firefox or Chrome._Updated March 20th, 2015_
  25. The sad end of lookout Frederick Fleet
  26. _Updated March 26th, 2015_The ice warnings received by the Titanic _Updated March 26th, 2015_

 New The Titanic Global Database Project New 

A frequently updated compilation of memorials and other locations relevant to the Titanic that you can visit (and a few, like wrecks, that you can't sadly).
_Updated February 2nd, 2015_Click here_Updated February 2nd, 2015_

A few gleanings from my archives...

  1. Some photographs of the Olympic, the Titanic's sister.
  2. Shipping line's funnels and flags from the 1930s.
  3. Photos of ships from various encyclopedias.
  4. The White Star Line Pamphlet distributed to 1st class passengers of the Titanic.
  5. In March 1912, Bruce Ismay wrote to Director Bellin of the Hamburg-American Packet Company pondering on the issue of dry-docking a huge vessel in the event of an accident
  6. Material gathered during my trip to Southampton, April 2014:
  7.  New January 29th 2015 Thanks to the generosity of Spanish Titanic researcher José Martinez, a 1959 interview with survivor Doña Fermina Oliva y Ocaña New January 29th 2015 

Titanic documentary reviews and movie goofs...

  1. _Updated February 15th, 2015_The mistakes of "A Night To Remember" (1958)_Updated February 15th, 2015_
  2. The mistakes of "Raise The Titanic" (1980)
  3. The mistakes of the 1996 miniseries
  4. The mistakes of James Cameron's version (1997)
  5. _Updated October 19th, 2014_The mistakes of Julian Fellowes's "Titanic" (2012)_Updated October 19th, 2014_

The Lord-Macquitty Collection

The death of Walter Lord in 2002 deprived the Titanic community of its greatest, and possibly its best loved author. In over five decades he had amassed an enormous resource of interviews, letters, newspapers, paraphernalia, many of them rare and unique. Fortunately, Lord had bequeathed his collection to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, and it now encompasses other Titanic related items of his friend, Bill Macquitty, who had seen the ship launched, and then, as Arthur C. Clarke once said "sank her again a second time" for the 1958 film adaptation of his friend's book, "A Night To Remember." Now, these files and items which helped to generate "A Night To Remember" and "The Night Lives On" are indexed and open for perusal in their museum's Caird Library ... at least for those of us for whom a trip to Greenwich is no problem. But what about the rest of us? Very few seem to have seen his private files, and it is the opinion of this author that the priceless information should be available to everyone, free. Hence, the purpose of this section: a transcription of Lord's, and Macquitty's, notes and letters. Although fasincating, the usual caveat should apply, viz. that the information given contemporaneously in 1912 should be regarded as more accurate than tainted or faded recollections more than 40 years after the event. Still, this does not necessarily mean that the information contained in these documents should be dismissed! They also show how some survivors were less than candid and open in their recollections, and, in a few cases, how Lord himself missed golden opportunities to further his knowledge (see his correspondence with Sylvia Lightoller and Eleanor Cassebeer as examples), and how Lord was taken in by opportunistic hoaxers (eg Walter Belford and Charles Reginald Burgess, who had a very similar name to a real survivor).

More accounts to come soon....

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Other resources

  1. The Titanic-Californian debate gets quite heated, and often results in insults and personal attacks being tossed back and forth (witness Senan Molony's postings on the Encyclopedia-Titanica message board). Their tactics are obvious - avoid discussions of the case, describe dissenters and their work as "trash" with no justification, besmirch their reputation (and what has that got to do with the quality of their research or conclusions?), refuse to admit when they are wrong, or launch legal action to get skeptic's works suppressed. Heres a good example, courtesy of Mr.Rob Kamps from the Netherlands.
  2. George Behe's Titanic Tidbits
  3. Bill Wormstedt's excellent Titanic pages
  4. All At Sea With Dave Gittins
  5. Dave Billnitzer's pages on the Titanic-Californian controversy. Well worth reading.
  6. Sam Halpern's excellent Titanicology
  7. Roy Mengot's Titanic Wreck and modelling pages
  8. Parks Stephenson's pages on the Titanic.
  9. The invaluable Titanic Inquiry Project
  10. The Titanic News Channel
  11. The Titanic Research And Modelling Assocation
  12. Dan Parkes' William Murdoch website.
  13. Gunter Babler's and Susanne Stormer's Titanic Files page.
  14. _New February 8th, 2015_Dan Parkes' Titanic Switch Page._New February 8th, 2015_

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