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As an aid to the prospering Titanic tourism industry, I have developed this page to assist in identifying locations relevant to the sinking of the White Star liner in 1912. Naturally, this is a work and progress and new locations will be added as research proceeds. I will be placing points of interest on the map, most of which can be visited, and a few that aren't - simply for completeness (such as the wrecks of some of the ships pertinent to the disaster). Data showing the location of the Celebrity Millenium cruise ship, which has some of the Olympic's panelling, is updated every hour, allowing for slow updates from her transponder.

To use the map, simply drag to the relevant location and use the slider to zoom in to determine the location. By clicking on the icon, you can get an infowindow that will provide the address, a few details, website if available etc. Due to the accuracy of Google Maps and rounding errors, the placement of the icons are only accurate to a few tens of feet, so please be understanding if the markers aren't exactly in the right location. All images are used under the provision of "Fair Usage" but I will be happy to remove and replace them with alternatives if necessary; please email me. Altenatively, if you know of any locations I have missed, please let me know.

Please check back regularly for updates; new locations are added occasionally.

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  If the animation freezes or runs slow, or the text in the windows becomes garbled, reload or close then reopen the page; it should update every minute or two. All times taken from the Titanic's ATS (Apparent Time on Ship) which is taken from your computer's time; the effect of differences in time between ships and time zones have been neglected for simplicity. You should also bear in mind that some guesswork and estimation (especially the Californian) has been used. To see the disaster replayed, look here and for a discussion on the wireless messages, look here  

You are strongly advised to check the locations prior to visiting them to ensure that the exhibitions are still open; this applies especially to the RMS Titanic, Inc. touring exhibits.

For a list of Titanic events worldwide, please visit Jill Carlier's excellent Current Events group. She is compiling a calendar of events, which can be viewed below:

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